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 Novasure! By Hologic

Women suffer from heavey periods, irregular and unpredictable periods, inconvenient periods, etc… WHY?  Why is this necessary?  A woman’s life and the enjoyment of life is greatly impacted by menstrual-related issues.  Why should a woman have to put up with the impact of her periods when the period is not needed?  Why should a woman have to adjust her activities and perhaps, her relations to others to accommodate her periods?  There is no reason to anymore.  Once a woman is complete with her childbearing and is not wanting to wait for menopause to kick in, there are multiple options she may consider to help eliminate this negative effect on her life… Dr. Chisholm can help determine the best way to get rid of or control her bleeding cycles!  

Menses is only necessary to protect the uterus from developing abnormal endometrial (uterine lining) cells or cancer of the uterus.  It is  also essential to “CLEAN OUT” the uterine cavity in preparation for the next ovulatory cycle, prepping the lining for implantation of a pregnancy.  Without the desire for any further pregnancies, there really is no reason to maintain menstrual cycles.  There are multiple options, including hormonal manipulation of the cycles, endometrial ablation (destroying the lining to prevent its return every month) and also, the the most definitive option a Hysterectomy!

Endometrial Ablation is a nice, conservative option, that is usually performed in the office and under minimal anesthesia.  There is usually immediate results, with the majority of women very satisfied.  This usually results in significant reduction in menstrual-flow, and with the large MAJORITY of women, either light spotting or no bleeding at all once ablated.    Novasure is Dr. Chisholm’s method of choice and it is very effective and very safe.  The Benefits of Novasure Endometrial ablation include:

  • Over 3 million novasure procedures performed, avoiding hormones and hysterectomy
  • Quick five-minute procedure
  • No incisions
  • Very rare complication, very, VERY SAFE
  • Over 77.7% success in reducing or eliminating bleeding
  • 35-40% completely removing bleeding
  • No need for pre-treatment
  • 97% of patients from clinical trials experience NO post-procedure pelvic pain/cramping
  • 96.7% of patients say they would recommend the procedure to a friend
  • 92.8% of patients say they are satisfied with the results

As you can See, Novasure endometrial ablation is a LIFE CHANGER, call or schedule a visit with Dr. Chisholm to discuss how an endometrial ablation can help you.

Of importance, it is very successful, BUT you must be complete with your child bearing years.  Ablation is NOT a contraceptive. 

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