Votiva Vaginal Rejuvenation


Urinary Leakage?

Votiva is an excellent opportunity to correct most women’s urinary leakage concerns, whether this be leaking during coughing/sneezing, exercise or sexual relations…. Votiva has been proven to greatly impact and positively affect this issue, in many cases getting rid of it altogether. This avoids the risks associated with surgery and mesh slings, and has been found very helpful to our patients who are tired of the embarrassment or inconvenience of urine leaking.

Even if you are not finished with your childbearing years, help with urinary leakage by Votiva is available, safe and effective. You can continue to grow your family after treatment. Make an appointment with Dr. Chisholm today to discuss how this can dramatically change your life.

Votiva® Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation is a new concept that has surfaced over the past few years, and that is growing in popularity by allowing women to regain their youthful selves, therefore, a younger and happier sex life.   The concept of reversing and improving the health of the vagina is here. 

Whether there have been changes resulting from giving birth to your child or from years of normal use, or even from the resultant changes that occur naturally when women hit menopause, the vagina loses much of its elasticity and collagen support, thus leading to decreased arousal and sexual sensitivity.

This results in less enjoyment, by being too relaxed or stretched, or even less desirable due to the pain and irritation that comes from use without the accommodating properties that were once there when the vagina was youthful and maintained by the estrogen your ovaries once made. 

Menopause, and just aging itself, also cause significant changes, usually very unpleasant and unfriendly changes in vaginal health.  For years, women would have to rely on estrogen replacement or creams to prevent or reverse these changes.  Changes that may include the thinning of the vaginal epithelium (surface/walls) with decreased nerve sensitivity and blood supply. 

This renders the vagina susceptible to dryness, bleeding, pain with intercourse, lack of lubrication, or even lack of the ability to accommodate intercourse by shrinkage and/or tightening of the vagina’s walls or opening.   It also may contribute to more frequent bacterial infections or overgrowth, as well, vaginal yeast infections with their annoying characteristics.   The vaginal pH will be positively affected and a lot of these issues will be prevented by doing so.


Are you ready?

Relationships are “FOREVER”, but shouldn’t that forever be the Best Forever possible!!  Don’t settle for anything less.  Relationships can suffer from these changes, and could be restored by Votiva’s ability to reverse these changes.  Intimacy can return to a more satisfying experience for ALL involved, including the men.

For women, this could be more overall enjoyment from increased lubrication, to more sensitivity and more orgasm, either with vaginal wall stimulation or more erotic stimulation from the clitoris. 
It could also mean less worry, worry about pain or worry about leaking urine during these intimate times. Votiva has been successful in increasing everybody’s overall enjoyment of sexual activity and this could be your answer as well. 

What is Votiva®?

Votiva delivers radiofrequency energy into the inner and outer tissues of your vagina. The energy heats the tissues and triggers your body to produce new collagen, an essential protein in healthy skin and tissue. Votiva also stimulates increased blood flow to the vaginal tissues AND growth of new elastin to decrease tightness and discomfort or pain. Votiva does this while at same time, in some who need “tightening up”  of the vagina, the same stimulation of fibroblasts and their production of collagen and elastin will bring back a healthier and more receptive vagina, meaning a MORE YOUTHFUL YOU!  

Votiva has multiple functions, including  the use of several different devices to improve the internal and external vaginal tissues.  The use of these devices can be discussed in further detail with Dr. Chisholm.  Microneedling is also available for other body sites, to improve upon wrinkles, loose skin, as well, reduction in stretch marks from your pregnancy.  Cosmetic and functional improvements are readily available.  There is NO DOWN-TIME, no need for anesthesia or incisions, and so you can lie back and relax during your treatment. 

You can go back to your usual activities without any limitations or downtime immediately after your treatment.


The vaginal wall can be tightened up by stimulating the fibroblasts (cells) into producing and replacing the lost elastin (stretch) and collagen (strength and substance) that was once maintained.  Bringing back a healthier and more receptive vagina, and A more Youthful You!  

The time has come for a safe and effective treatment that is quick and comfortable, a SAFE, NON-SURGICAL Treatment that can improve intimacy challenges that frequently occur from child-bearing or menopause, or if you’re just not happy with any laxity issues you may have

When can I expect results?


Votiva  --   A new novel approach to renewing relationships, self-confidence and ultimately, LIFE CHANGING improvements!


  • No downtime
  • No anesthesia
  • Virtually painless
  • “NON-LASER” process
  • FDA cleared technology
  • Immediate results (individual results may vary)
  • Corrects urinary leakage without the risks of using surgical mesh


Votiva consultations are free and informative.  If interested, please call or schedule online a Votiva consultation with Dr. Chisholm today. 


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