How long does one Votiva treatment take and how many treatments are required?

One procedure takes between 15-20 mins, usually total 30 mins,  most benefit is obtained with three treatments at one-month intervals.

How will results be appreciated?

Usually most will feel an immediate result, in the form of vaginal tightness and a reduction in urinary leakage.  The overall benefits will be appreciated over time, usually continuous improvements over the course of the first six months after treatments, but appreciable changes in the first several months.  Most benefit has been found to require three treatments.

What other benefits are obtained by Votiva?

Urinary leakage as a result of tissue breakdown, both from aging and from child birth, occurs and Votiva can be expected to improve significantly, if not reverse, these physical changes that contribute to urinary leakage.  This is achieved by a tightening of the urethral suspension by your natural tissues, thus mimicking a surgical mesh “sling”, but without the inherent risks.  Additionally, bladder stability can be restored in most cases by Votiva.

Painful intercourse is also treated with Votiva, including pain that is resulting from aging and lack of hormones.  The vaginal mucosa, as well as the normal ecosystem and pH can be restored by rejuvenating the vaginal walls, this is a natural moisturizing/lubricating system. Even though tightening occurs, menopausal women will feel less of the tightening from their atrophy, or shrinking. That is, it won’t be the painful experience once experienced from the menopausal changes after their reversal.

Does it help with frequent vaginal infections?

Votiva can enhance one’s life drastically, by simply reducing or eliminating the recurring bouts of vaginal discharge that so many endure, including all of the symptoms that accompany Bacterial Vaginosis or Yeast vaginitis.  This is through the reconditioning of the natural vaginal ecosystem and circulation through its rejuvenating properties.  This is a far improvement over the temporizing effects of vaginal creams and medications.

Is there pain associated with Votiva?

There is NO PAIN, and no need for anesthesia or pain medications.  The recovery is almost instant and no downtime is going to cramp one’s life.  There may be a slight warmth felt during the procedure, but nothing even close to being uncomfortable.

Any Downtime following the procedure?

There is absolutely no downtime from regular activities.  Normal sexual activities may best be put off for the day of procedure, but can safely be resumed thereafter.  Physical activities are not restricted like they are after convention surgeries.  Driving is, likewise, not an issue, you can drive yourself to and from your procedures.

What is vaginal laxity and why does it occur?

Vaginal laxity, or loosening, can occur after childbirth, just by the very nature of delivering a large infant through a normally, small opening. The tissues will lose their elasticity and Votiva will drastically improve this without surgery or sutures. It achieves this by stimulating natural recovery via the stimulation of fibroblast cells, that in turn, will begin producing and replenishing natural elastin and collagen, and in the process, narrowing and creating a more accommodating and sensual vaginal.  This results in more sexual sensation and enjoyment for both you and your male partner. The results are almost immediate but has considerable improvements over time.

What external, cosmetic, results can be seen with Votiva?

The Votiva system, when used externally, can obtain some tightening of the external appearance of the vagina, as well, reduce the size of redundancy of the labia (lips). This is almost the equivalent of a vaginal ‘face lift’.  

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