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Vaginal health is commonly one of a woman’s biggest concerns. Vaginal health is critical to one’s happiness, especially with intimacy and sexual satisfaction. It can be a big source of a woman’s unhappiness and physical discomfort, and it may interfere or affect one’s self-confidence. Vaginal health is often critical to one’s ability to enjoy those close, intimate moments with loved ones. If you have vaginal health concerns, please do not hesitate to schedule a visit with Dr. David Chisholm, DO at Park Avenue obstetrics and gynecology and New Beginnings Feminine Beauty, call the office or request a visit online today.

Vaginal Health

What does vaginal health include?

Vaginal health is one of the most desired aspects of a woman’s body.  It is the source of many women’s concerns, whether that be from a particular discharge, an odor, some other vaginal symptoms such as itching and/or burning, or simply from the lack of lubrication or pain that is experienced during sexual relations. 

A lot of these concerns develop over time and even sometimes recur in a very annoying fashion.  Dr. Chisholm can help reverse these issues and help shed some light on to why the vaginal issue is there in the first place and on ways of preventing its recurrence.  Treatment options, include things like prescribing antibiotics for vaginitis, or treating specific infections like sexually transmitted diseases that present as symptoms of pain, discharge or other.  Specific lesions may also need to be evaluated to make sure not life-threatening or that could be very progressive if not treated early. 

Dr. Chisholm also assists in overcoming the vaginal dryness and pain or bleeding that occurs during sexual relations after one reaches menopause.  These issues usually follow estrogen deprivation associated with menopause.  The vaginal wall, or surface, becomes thin and fragile, thus sometimes even causing post-intercourse bleeding and pain.  This can be managed very conservatively and effectively to help aid in getting back to a healthier, more enjoyable sex-life. 

VOTIVA, a new form of vaginal rejuvenation is just one option that can be discussed that could help regain this part of your life back as well, and Dr. Chisholm can discuss the possibilities with you at your free VOTIVA consultation appointment.

Come have a discussion with Dr. Chisholm regarding any vaginal health questions you may have.